My name is Lizzie and I completed my training deep in the mountains of the Himalayas in India. I was first drawn to yoga as a means of stress management for myself as I suffered with stress and anxiety stemming from negative childhood experiences in my life. I also sustained a back and hip injury from many years of working as a carer for the elderly, which caused me to have constant pain everyday.. I knew from the moment I stepped into my first Yoga class, that I wanted to teach yoga myself. I realised how out of touch I was with myself, in that moment. The focus on the breath and body just centred me, I felt relaxed, I felt calm and connected it was amazing I knew yoga was something I needed to explore deeper.

But life went on and I lost touch with my yoga practise. I took to unhealthy ways of coping with my stress which led to me having a near death experience. Here my life took a drastic turn, with my own mortality being tested and so much pain and suffering in my life. I found myself asking what the point of my life was. I knew I couldn’t continue with my unhealthy behaviours so I decided to book a trip to India to stay in an ashram and learn about Yoga and live it! My trip was absolutely breath taking, the ashram offered me a space to just be and to re-evaluate my life and heal. I spent a month learning and living yoga which was transformational for me. I came back with a new direction a new perspective and a much deeper understanding of life.

I worked very hard to build up my classes single handedly. I love what I do with a passion. Yoga for me is so much more than physical exercises. Yoga is about connection it is about getting in touch with ourselves to know who we really are, beyond all the thoughts of our busy minds. In yoga we calm the mind by focusing on the breath, which brings us into the present moment where we feel at peace. Nothing to do, nothing to want, just to simply be and that in itself is a wonderful experience.

The word yoga means unification to the divine (Atma) supreme soul, which is the spirit which connects us all. We are all it, in truth. This spiritual understanding is deeply rooted into Indian culture and in the teachings of Yoga. It is through yoga we can connect to this divine soul/ Atma and find deep peace and healing in it, I have had direct experience of this.

In my classes I aim to guide people gently into yoga through instructions on breath concentration and body relaxation. I aim to bring you in touch with yourself so that you feel calm, centered and connected. With the postures, I have been teaching for 10 years and I cater for all different levels of yoga. All my classes are all designed to stretch and open the whole body bringing flexibility and strength. When all the muscles are stretched the body naturally realigns itself so any back or postural problems can be managed through yoga. I have managed to correct my own back and hip problems through yoga and I am pain free now. Many people come to my classes with various problems in the body and the mind or emotions and they have felt the benefits and continue to practise. This brings me great joy and happiness.


I also provide aromatherapy body massage, Indian head massage and energy healing work (reiki) from my humble abode and I can also be mobile and do home visits. Please contact me for details.

My Credentials

Health and Social Care NVQ level 2&3 • BSC Hons Psychology and Sociology •  YTT 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training • Indian Head Massage Diploma •  Aromatherapy Massage Diploma •  Reiki Level 2 Diploma


If you have any other questions, or for more information on yoga the classes or treatments in Bury St Edmunds then please contact me on 07807062409 or fill out the short form below


Come and join us and let the joys of yoga into your life.