Health Treatments

Available at CBD Brothers 4 The Traverse Bury St Edmunds and from my home in near Newmarket

Full Body Aromatherapy Massage

1hr treatment £60
or 1hr 30mins £85

A full body massage using a blend of powerful essential oils.

I am a experienced Massage Therapist. I have trained in many different types of massage, Sports Massage, Swedish Massage and Aromatherapy Massage. I tailor the treatment to suit each client and I believe in treating each person in a holistic manner. Massage treats tensions, pain and aches within the body, promoting complete relaxation and wellbeing.

Indian head Massage

Massage 60mins £60
or 90mins £85

A powerful and effective treatment, involving massage to the upper back, shoulders, upper arms, neck, face and scalp. Relieving tensions and knots in this area and throughout the whole body, promoting relaxation and wellbeing.

Energy Healing (Reiki)

1 hour treatment £45

A therapy for stress reduction both emotional and physical, which involves hands being laid on different parts of the client’s body and the channelling of the life force energy into the client. This life force energy works on the chakras, meridians and nadis within the energy body.

Holistic Facial

60mins £50

✨️The Holistic Facial combines the therapeutic benefits of massage and acupressure with a luxurious facial treatment✨️

?Using hot towels to open pores the face is cleansed, exfoliated and massaged, then mask applied. Powerful pressure points are used to release tension?

?The effect is to improve skin tone and texture, alleviate tension in the face, scalp, neck and shoulders and promote recovery from conditions such as headache, sinus congestion, general exhaustion & stress?

All natural products used ?

Mix and Match your Treatments

Discounts available for regular Yoga Attendees please enquire for details.


If you have any other questions, or for more information on yoga the classes or treatments in Bury St Edmunds then please contact me on 07807062409 or fill out the short form below


Come and join us and let the joys of yoga into your life.